Thursday, April 25, 2019

Towards A Grey Pill

You're on part two. To summarize part one, adding to it slightly:

Due to the enormity and distinctiveness of contentious issues, it is improbable that the fabric of issues would be ideologically combinational in the eyes of an omniprecipient being. Orthodox versions of political nihilism recognize this, only to posit that such a being would do away with all systems and ideologies in equal rungs and never look back.

Political pragmatism, as I have sculpted it, makes note of the same, but posits an omniprecipient being who urges us to perish the thought of doing away with all systems and ideologies in equal rungs. Instead, the kosher pragmatist pictures the masterly spectator as one who declines enough of the essential ingredients from all systems and ideologies. More than enough, in fact, making him appear politically outlandish to all principled sensibilities.

Though political nihilists and political pragmatists occupy the same neighborhood, it is a spacey neighborhood. Their home streets are located on the opposite ends of the district, and are nothing alike architecturally.


Worldviews And Narratives

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Nothing But Nostrums

Genre: Meta-politics.

Goal: Depersonalizing debate at every scale.

Credence Level: 90%

Novelty Level: Moderate. I've made noises about this before, but have never truly expanded on my points in the glorious ways I have here.

Priority Level: High. Somewhere in the "things I'm very concerned with and you should be too" stack.

Alt-goal: Improving relations (if any) between pragmatists and pessimists.

Disclaimer: Due to the breadth of this topic, and its associated drifts, I have decided to split things. This post is part one of a three part series. The split resembles my Q&A post from 2018, except this time around, the second and third installments will actually be finished and posted sooner than later (the Q&A drafts are on life support, unsure if I'll be reviving them down the road).