Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Illegitimacy Of The "God/State" Analogy

One of the dumbest things to come out of the Anarchist camp is the term Statheism. I guess yours truly qualifies as a prime example of a Statheist so I might as well take the time to explain why this derogatory term is attributed to a position which is neither derogatory, nor the least bit irrational.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


On to JacobSpinney's arguments, which were, again, just recitals of his previous arguments, save for a few original points. I think he's truly oblivious to the fact that he hasn't done my arguments much justice, meaning I can't exactly accuse him of intellectual dishonesty, especially since covering the substance of these lengthy blogs is an impossible task. Even the most well intentioned opponent would fail to contextually quote & refute all of this stuff through a limited video medium. So even though his flaky arguments don't really deserve another response, I'll offer one up anyway. I'll be focusing on all of the counterarguments he made in his "Problems with Anarchy?" series (1-6), which are all linked as replies to my videos on this subject. There are a few arguments which I already tackled in videos and in previous posts, but I will have to revisit them, with an even larger magnifying glass.

First off, I brought up my recollection of lawlessness during post-Communism Serbia in respects to employers refusing to pay their employees not because I wanted to pigeonhole every hypothetical construct of a Stateless society to that particular outcome (an outcome which happens to encompass varying degrees of chaos, no less), I brought up post-Communism Serbia strictly because of the ongoing mantra I keep hearing from Ancaps concerning the employee/employer dynamic. The point was to demonstrate, invoking real life scenarios I've witnessed first hand, that contrary to Ancaps' predictions, employers show no concern over upsetting their staff when mindful of the fact that they won't be faced with any real legal ramifications for doing so. Ancaps seem to be under the impression that workers ought not worry about dictatorship or harassment at the workplace because owners are constantly pissing themselves over the prospect of losing their workers. Because workers can just up and leave anytime they choose, and find another, gentler boss to work for. This amounts to a dream even in the current civilized system we have here in the West. In a wholly deregulated system, it will be a nightmare. The alternative benevolence they envision as a practical option for the worker, exists solely within the confines of their imagination. Meet new boss, same as the old boss...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Legitimacy Of My "Democracy/Market" Analogy

This is a follow up to my YT video from September 30th, 2010 where I was timed out well before I got to cover everything I wanted to. It's been a while since I initially said I'd have this entry up. The reason for the delay is that I considered dropping it altogether. The more I contemplated refuting these same arguments again, the more I dreaded the thought of actually going through with the repetitious task. But here I am anyway. It's not so much about Anarchism at this point, it's about me defending my initial premises and the arguments built upon those premises. The last blog already covered many of the counterarguments I received to it. Same goes for the entry preceding that one. And the one before that. So why the hell am I doing this? For starters, someone just sent me a video by qtronman in which he's contriving ferocious laughter at my market/democracy comparison, in a pathetic attempt to write it off, with his dolts cheering him on. I'll take care of that here since he still has me blocked, routinely deletes comments, and is definitely not worth wasting anymore video time on.