Monday, January 31, 2011

RE: The Rich Do Not Pay High Taxes

Welcome to JacobSpinney response blog #2494831. You can find his video attached as a response to my Trickle Down Apologists video. Much like with the Anarchy arguments, it’s clear that the more video time one dedicates to arguing anything that so much as pinches the rich financially (like a 3% tax hike), the more clean-up duties one will plague oneself with in the form of video replies. Seeing as how I already dedicated a combined total of 55 minutes to this topic with my 2 videos, I will be addressing additional arguments here. I also want to avoid any further “enough already” comments from those already in firm agreement with me. On January 3rd I posted a 23 minute video explaining why the correlation =/= causation complaints do nothing in the way of discrediting the initial video wherein I utilized relevant data to highlight the many instances in which implementation of supply side / trickle down policies failed to deliver the outcome successfully sold to a good number of lower/middle class Americans. Jacob replied to my January 3rd video with the following: